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Transessor provides agencies and freelancers with solutions that help translation businesses thrive and grow.

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Transessor TMS

We know that translation is a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why we created Transessor TMS, a cloud-based translation management system that makes your workflow easier and makes it easier for you to manage your translation project. This includes the state-of-the-art CAT tool and smart features that improve your performance.

Transessor BMS

A full-fledged localization business management solution covers all stages of the translation business processes.

Your most reliable long-term business solution. Transessor BMS helps you grow by automating your routine tasks. With a system designed for localization service providers (LSPs) and tailor-made for global business, you can now focus on what really matters.

Transessor TMS

A full-fledged localization business management solution covers all stages of the translation business processes.

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We provide solutions cover your translation business needs

For Translators

The ideal environment for a translator allows him to perform his duties in the most flexible manner possible.

For LSPs

Whoever has a goal for growth and development and wants to monitor and develop all activities progress in one place

For Enterprises

This is the best choice if you are a business or educational organization looking to manage translation activities and service providers with safe.

Why Transessor !


Transessor is a one of the best translation management technologies and solutions, fully cloud-based and customizable, and a one-stop solution for translation service providers as well as technical support. Effective communication is the key to opportunity.

We offer

Affordable translation services are now only a click away.

Working with love

We work with love and passion to reach distinguished solutions that help customers improve and simplify work processes, and deal with resource scarcity and a lack of time using automation, to accomplish a lot of work accurately and professionally.

What makes us different?

Transessor was built with excellent experience in the localization industry, helping with rear-language segmentation and translation. Furthermore, splitting document options allow PMs to work on urgent projects with confidence and effectiveness.

Support +30 Machine translation.

+280 language pairs are supported.

Real time-sharing for TMs in the current or open project between translators.  Share project or translation resources with your team

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Transessor brings a long list of great feature

We believe we can change how your translation business is done.

Cloud based

Without the need to install any software, all of our products can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or phone just logging and start work 


User friendly, intuitive app and not require much training, furthermore the knowledgebase ready to help.

Effective Collaboration

Emails, Notifications, Comments and sharing options. All of this options to get more productive environment

Work Flexibility

It is appropriate to use in all situations whether your team works in one or more locations at the same time or not.

How does it stand out?

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Transessor is fully built on the cloud, with fast and easy access through any browser. Having your translation management system on the cloud means access on any device, including tablets and phones, real-time collaboration on files and high security for your files which aren’t stored on-premises.

We have designed the platform with a clean and intuitive interface that would make translators, project managers and business owners know how to do things right away, with minimum learning time or even without tutorials.

Transessor delivers a tempting range of features for excellent workflow to help deliver better translation.

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