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Transessor is an all-in-one solution for managing translation projects and working on them with high efficiency. How does it stand out?

Transessor provides translation agencies, freelance translators, and enterprises with simple, cloud-based solutions for translation business management and a CAT tool, in addition to a custom machine translation. The apps help you manage your workflow from start to finish so that you can deliver the highest quality translations on time. With our translation management software, you can manage projects and your team, by providing tools for effective project management, robust workflow automation, and seamless task distribution. Transessor is the best in-house translation management apps, fully cloud-based and customizable, and a one-stop solution for quality translation services as well as technical support.


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Translation is easier now!

Transessor is the right choice whether you want to centralize and automate your translation processes or offer your clients a self-service online platform they can use to manage their projects.

  • Setup in-House Translation Process.
  • Help companies that outsource their localization work to gain control of it.
  • Our automation solutions alleviate the time and cost constraints of complex translation workflows found in today’s marketplace.
  • Centralize and automate the management of localization workflows 
  • Better decisions based on reporting and optimized processes.

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