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Transessor comes with a long list of great features that we believe can change how your projects work.


Smart Reporting

Transessor has a wide assortment of reports that aid in thoroughly assessing the business and in making wise decisions.

  • Analysis Report
  • Word count report
  • Quality Report


Email notifications

Everybody gets notified whenever a task is finished, assigned or published, to stay on track with updates and keep deliveries smooth.

file support

Multiple file support

Transessor supports all the file types you will need, including documents, sheets, presentations, PDFs and much more.


Extra Features

Additionally, you may check out extra tools to enhance your operations and strategies for a challenging world.

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Frequently Asked Question

These are the most often-asked questions, and we’ve prepared brief responses to them.

Transessor is the cloud-based solution for providing an augmented translation which is a combination of translation resources (TMs, TBs, MT) and human translation. The solution is contain also an automated workflow and specialized  quality assurance allowing you generate outstanding translation. 

On Transessor, you can translate content into 280+ languages. The full list of supported languages is available here.

You can translate into more than 280 languages on Transessor.

Transessor supports 50+ file formats including DOC, PDF, JSON, XLIFF, please check the list in this topic.

Transessor provides a smarty portal foe the service provider such as linguists -translators, editors, proofreaders, or even agencies to get your projects done. 

Transessor was built with excellent experience in the localization industry, helping with rear-language segmentation and translation. Furthermore, splitting document options allow PMs to work on urgent projects with confidence and effectiveness.

Support +30 Machine translation.

+280 language pairs are supported.

Real time-sharing foe TMs in current or open project between translators.  Share project or translation resources with your team

We offer payment via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay), PayPal, and bank transfer…

We provide quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly schedule billing. Get 25% discount for annual option.

Transessor offer a software and technology solutions for localization industry such as TMS and TBMS , and Machine translation and we are excited to provide more.

You may use all the features of the Professional  package during the free trial period.

NO, your projects, translation resources, and data will remain accessible to you after you subscribe.

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