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for everyone interested in the localization sector who wants to grow and thrive in a fast-paced market full of challenges that need great business flexibility
We offer software solutions that will play a significant role in the intended digital transformation process.

Transessor solutions include a translation management system, machine translation, and a business management system that are all integrated.

  • Cloud-based
  • SaaS Model
  • Secured and safe
  • API’s ready

Solutions for localization leaders

Boost the ROI and deliver the best client experience!

Transessor helps translation business owners boost their ROI and deliver a better client experience by maximizing the productivity of every resource.

Lead the Grow

A collection of apps that may be used to help your business develop and thrive professionally.

Increase ROI and measure it accurately

With more projects, resources, and smooth workflows for each; Transessor gives your translation business an opportunity to increase profits and boost ROI to new levels.

Boost scalability

Transessor helps your company remove all the limitations between it and growing, making scaling your team and acquiring new projects a seamless process without barriers.

Enhance resource management

Add as many translators and project managers as you want, assign roles on the platform, and take your resource management game to a new level.

Gain full control

Control every project and manage all resources in one place, with no mess and the ability to detect bottlenecks and inefficiencies right away.

Solutions for Translators

Unified CAT tool to get more translations done!

Transessor gives translators a unified tool to manage their various translation tasks efficiently while keeping track of progress and utilizing many tools that save time and effort

Your work in one place

Never get lost between multiple projects with one platform to manage all your current projects in one place, backed up by the powerful tools you need to be more successful.

Collaborate on documents efficiently

Collaborate on files easily and have your edits showing up in real-time while leaving comments and replying to them all through the platform.

Predict target word count

With the weighted word count feature, our AI for translators predicts the number of target word count before work, so you have an expectation of it even before writing a single word.

Work anywhere

Transessor is built on the web, letting you access it on any device, be it a personal computer with any operating system, phone, or tablet. It is all limitless.

Produce more with ease

It will work beside you till the finish of your project.

Solutions for Localization PMs

Relax; let automation and AI handle the groundwork and get projects complete!

Transessor helps translation and localization project managers with their daily tasks to make them easier, more smooth, and more efficient. t

Leave hassle!

Get rid of the headache and become more organized and in control with smart software that includes professional capabilities.

Manage deadlines

With one automation tool focused on helping you manage large projects efficiently, you can manage deadlines effectively and never miss one. Even when a task is about to slip, you can reassign it quickly.

Trace any mistake

Any mistake that you find can be traced to a specific translator or reviewer, giving you the ability to give tips to the right people, while being able to assess the quality of each one for large projects.

Translations more consistent

Without having to share documents or sheets and ensure translators study them, translation memory will help in making more consistent, even for new translators who start work right away.

Keep overlapping tasks more smooth

Instead of being a feared mess, overlapping projects can be a norm with Transessor. For a single document, you can assign more than one resource to work efficiently with no issues.


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Once your account has been set up, you can begin working immediately in the cloud.


Real-time collaboration

Share files with translators, reviewers, and project managers in real-time and track edits with version history.


Machine support

The Machine Translation Transessor supports all machine translation engines, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, DeepL, and others.


Different time zones

Work in different time zones while assigning tasks to translators from anywhere in the world.


AI word counter

Work in different time zones while assigning tasks to translators from anywhere in the world.


Quality analysis

Analyze the quality of the file to help fix its errors with a large number of criteria, each one marked by severity level and segment. Take k stant actions to fix errors automatically easily.


Smart Reporting

Transessor has a wide assortment of reports that aid in thoroughly assessing the business and in making wise decisions.

  • Analysis Report
  • Word count report
  • Quality Report


Email notifications

Everybody gets notified whenever a task is finished, assigned or published, to stay on track with updates and keep deliveries smooth.

file support

Multiple file support

Transessor supports all the file types you will need, including documents, sheets, presentations, PDFs and much more.


Extra Features

Additionally, you may check out extra tools to enhance your operations and strategies for a challenging world.

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Frequently Asked Question

These are the most often-asked questions, and we’ve prepared brief responses to them.

Transessor is the cloud-based solution for providing an augmented translation which is a combination of translation resources (TMs, TBs, MT) and human translation. The solution is contain also an automated workflow and specialized  quality assurance allowing you generate outstanding translation. 

On Transessor, you can translate content into 280+ languages. The full list of supported languages is available here.

You can translate into more than 280 languages on Transessor.

Transessor supports 50+ file formats including DOC, PDF, JSON, XLIFF, please check the list in this topic.

Transessor provides a smarty portal foe the service provider such as linguists -translators, editors, proofreaders, or even agencies to get your projects done. 

Transessor was built with excellent experience in the localization industry, helping with rear-language segmentation and translation. Furthermore, splitting document options allow PMs to work on urgent projects with confidence and effectiveness.

Support +30 Machine translation.

+280 language pairs are supported.

Real time-sharing foe TMs in current or open project between translators.  Share project or translation resources with your team

We offer payment via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay), PayPal, and bank transfer…

We provide quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly schedule billing. Get 25% discount for annual option.

Transessor offer a software and technology solutions for localization industry such as TMS and TBMS , and Machine translation and we are excited to provide more.

You may use all the features of the Professional  package during the free trial period.

NO, your projects, translation resources, and data will remain accessible to you after you subscribe.

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