Manage & Control

Transessor BMS

Explore the potential of next-generation business automation for localization. 

What Transessor is BMS, and how can it help?

This system offers total management control, together with the required reports and alert messages that are specifically tailored to show the project’s progress, level of quality, and financial health.

Furthermore, the app supports a wide range of roles, including project managers, sales representatives, vendor managers, human resources, and many others, allowing all parties within the company to actively participate and fully monitor—in a collaborative, simple, and enjoyable manner. 


TBMS is fully integrated with the TMS so that you can use the localization solutions in the best way possible. Also, offer integrations with some applications.

User portals?

TBMS provides different portals for administrators, customers, linguists, and service providers to maximize collaboration and achieve goals.

Customization service

We are happy to provide the customization service if you have a unique way of running your business.

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