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Machine translation has considerably helped the localization industry since it provides a quick translation, allowing the translator to focus only on post-editing work. This reduces the amount of time needed for translation and, thus, saves effort.

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Mary Harries


Speed Up and focus on post – editing .

MT helps provide a quick translation that allows the translator to focus on the post-editing only

  • Get translation done in seconds
  • Get 50% of tasks done
  • Connect to specialized domains
  • High productivity

Get translation done in seconds

Even while automated translation is not entirely accurate, it still gives a significant benefit in time savings, and we believe that it will get better with time.

Get 50% of tasks done

MT will carry out the first, or broad, translation, which might account for 50% of the needed work, and will determine which phrases need the editor’s focus and attention.

High productivity

The translator may be able to translate more and create more translated files using the time saved during the first translation process.

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