Build a consistent translation

Create bilingual or multilingual glossaries as well; the system will handle both term and segment stemming.  

Make your translations more consistent.​ Give your customers the greatest experience possible to increase their confidence.

Mary Harries


fully integrated with quality

Perform quality checks to identify any discrepancies between a translated file and the terminology used by the associated Term-base.

  • Create a bilingual or multilingual glossary
  • Import and export: TBX file per one file or Zip folder
  • TB and quality integration
  • Word and segment stimming

multilingual glossary

Now you may construct a terminology foundation for any industry in two or more languages.

Quality integration

The terminology base is integrated with the quality, so the project manager can enforce that the translator use only the terms in the terminology base if he chooses.


This feature helps facilitate more reliable translation by allowing you to deal with words and their derivatives as well as whole segments.

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