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Smart translation mamoty, works on the cloud to get the powerful usage and gain mote tasks done supported with +900 language pairs.

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Mary Harries


Real-time sharing

This technique helps teams of translators work together better and comes up with a consistent translation in case of projects with more than one translator. 

  • Project consistency
  • No wasted time
  • build client confidence

Translation consistency

In translation projects, one of the most important jobs of the project manager is to make sure that the translated content is consistent. This is especially important when there are multiple translators who may not be working on both parts at the same time. 

No wasted time

Of course, in the project, the newly hired translator will reuse the previously translated units from the previous translator, and not waste his time translating twice.

build client confidence

Now! Working together to translate project files results in a high-quality translation that is clear and consistent, which increases client confidence.

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