Translate with ease and simple

A well-designed and comfortable editor helps the linguists get the job done.

With instant actions, no time and no place for mistakes, keep your translation shining and clear, helps all tea to fond nonconformities and correct it quickly and ease

Mary Harries


keyboard shortcuts support

If you enjoy using CAT tools on your desktop, you don’t need to worry because the editor is fully supported by keyboard shortcuts, in addition, there are notification icons and assistance tools.

  • Easy of use
  • independent editor
  • Centralized

Easy of use

We know that simplicity of use is one of the best practices that lead to task success, therefore we simplified the editor in comparison to well-known apps so that the translator may use it without any training.

independent editor

It is not necessary to install any programs or apps, nor is it necessary to use a certain browser. Simply launch the editor from any Internet browser and begin working right away.


You do not need to be concerned if Internet services are disrupted or if there is a technical issue with the device you are using, since every translated word is automatically and centrally stored in the database.

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