Calculate, measure and Bill right!

Build your own custom and unlimited weighted word profile, and define how you bill your clients and linguists.

Estimate target word count accurately with AI-powered weight word count for different languages to keep your expectations sharp

Mary Harries


Customizable translation cost-base

Set all aspects of weighted word profile cost based on translation type whether a Perfect or Context Match or new translation, also define the fuzzy ranges.

  • Weighted word profiles
  • Assigned profiles
  • File Analysis


Accurate measurement and adaptable tool to save time and money. Create more weighted word profiles for your clients and translators.

Assigned profiles

You can use the default settings to assign weighted word profiles to clients’ or translators’ accounts so you don’t have to do this for each project. This saves time.

File Analysis

A collection of informative reports that produces a comparison of existing translation memories, such as file analysis, word count, and more.

top features

You can find a number of tools and techniques to speed up your translation.

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